Imposter syndrome remedy

Do you ever feel like you aren't deserving of your success?  

Maybe you got a promotion at work, or your business started rolling. But instead of feeling happy or joyful, you question why this would happen to someone like you.

If you feel like this, you aren't alone!

This feeling is now commonly known as "Impostor Syndrome." 


Even in the face of evidence to the contrary, we can't accept that we earned our success. If you ever feel like that, you should follow these nine guidelines to overcome impostor syndrome.

1.  Be aware of the signs

The first thing you need to recognise is when you are suffering from Impostor Syndrome. Some common signs include; feeling like you got lucky instead of worked hard, you struggle accepting praise, and/or apologising for shortcomings you don't exhibit.

2. Be open about your doubts

You don't have to keep your feelings bottled up. If you feel unsure about your success, be open about it.

It's important to normalise feelings of doubt and fear that come with any new endeavour.

3. Recognise feelings are Just feelings 

Your feelings are indeed essential but remember they are just feelings and not facts. Just because you feel a certain way about yourself doesn't mean it is true. 

Don't hesitate to challenge your emotions, especially if they are about any perceived inadequacy you may have.

4. Connecting the dots 

If you feel like you aren't worthy of your success or accomplishment - try connecting the dots. Think back on each of the steps that lead you here. 

You will quickly realise it isn't just blind luck that helped you succeed.

You earned it.

5. Assess your strengths

Stop obsessing or worrying about your weaknesses so much. You have managed to get this far in life, so you must have some strengths to balance them out. 

Take some time to assess your strengths. It will help you feel more confident and less like an impostor.

6. Keep a success log

Just as important as assessing your strengths, you should keep track of all of your successes, small wins, and even compliments. 

The best strategy is to keep a running list that you add to regularly.

Refer to this list the next time you are feeling like an impostor.

7. Ditch the negative self-talk

I don't know why we feel so comfortable talking to ourselves in ways we'd never do to someone else. 

Whatever the reason, the important thing is to try and avoid negative self-talk as much as possible. 

An excellent way to start is to try and counter your negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

8. Spend time with people who believe in you

Most of us have a few (or more) people in our lives that do a great job at building us up. We feel more confident just being around these people. 

Embrace that! Spend as much time with these people as you can.

Alternatively, if people in your life make you feel less than worthy, try limiting time with them.

9. Let go of perfection

If you feel like an impostor, it's likely because you compare yourself to some preconceived idea of perfection. 

It will help if you let go of perfectionism and start to appreciate who you are and how far you have come.

Take action