Have you considered changing your life?

If we sit down and think about it, most of us have goals. The problem is, they are often undefined thoughts just sitting in our subconscious.

In reality, these are more daydreams than goals. If you are ready to set a goal that can change your life, then follow these tips:


Figure Out What You Want to Change

If you could change one aspect of your life, what would it be?

Would you focus on your career, family or health?

It doesn't matter what you choose, and you simply need to figure out what area of your life you need to change.

Know Why You Want to Change

Why do you want to change that area of your life? Think about this a lot.

This is essentially your motivation. Take some time to brainstorm all the benefits of changing this area of your life. Go back to the list often, especially when motivation starts to wane.

Dare to Dream Big

SMART goals are essential. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals should make up the majority of our goals.

That said, don't fear dreaming big. Sometimes it takes a big goal to motivate us. What may seem unrealistic now might not be as far out of your reach as you think.

Write Your Goal Down

Keeping your goal in your head is only worth the paper it is printed on. You can't set reasonable goals without writing them down. Simply writing your goals down will differentiate you from the vast majority of people. Please choose your destination and write it down. It is simple as that. 

Break Your Goal Down into Smaller Goals

If you took the above advice, you dared to dream big. That has probably left you with a big goal that may overwhelm you. The best way to deal with this is to break this larger goal down into smaller, more achievable goals. These smaller goals can be considered your action plan.

Set Deadlines

Every goal you set should have a deadline. You don't need to be cut-throat here, but you should be aggressive. If you struggle with hitting deadlines, then consider building a reward system. If you meet a goal by the deadline, reward yourself in some way.

Take Action

Achieving your goals comes down to you. Are you ready to not only set goals but take action upon them? Taking action is the only way you will ever achieve a goal. If you are struggling with where to start, choose the most straightforward task and start there.

Reflect and Adjust

There is real value in taking time to reflect on your goals. Setting goals should be considered a fluid undertaking.

Every once in a while, you need to stop and think about working and what isn't working. You also need to check in with yourself to see if your wants/needs are still the same. Taking some time to reflect on your goals and adjusting where required will ensure you stay on course.

Don't Stop

Did you reach your goal? 

Perhaps, you reached an obstacle or impasse?

Whatever the case - you keep going. Once you reach a goal you set, plan another one! If you get stuck on your goals, you either deal with the obstacle or move on to a new one. You can't change your life overnight, and it takes persistence and dedication.

Actionable Steps